Solar Street Lights


Solar Street Lights

Solar street light is the product of modern science and technology development. It directly uses solar energy for power supply environment-friendly and energy-saving. Solar street lights are mostly used in rural areas, urban roads, parks, community road squares and schools, hospitals and other areas based on customers needs.

All-in-one LED solar street light is composed of high efficient solar panel; detachable Philips Lumileds modules; soft lithium batteries and a smart controller.

During daily use, the charge controller will first turn off the integrated solar street lights towards dawn once the solar panel's voltage rises to 5v, which is accounted for a little sunlight in the morning. When there is enough sunshine during the day, the solar panel of all in one solar lamp will work together with the smart controller to collect the solar energy. Commonly, in a 12v solar system, with the effect of insolation, the voltage of the solar panel will rise to around 18v so as to charge the 12v battery bank. Meanwhile, the solar charge controller of the all-in-one integrated solar street light will prevent overcharge to protect the batteries. When there is not enough sunlight towards dusk and solar panel voltage drops to a value under 5v, the lamp of all led solar street light will be turned on accordingly. “Time control mode” and“Motion sensor control mode” will be working during discharging at night(12H). 


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